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My picture Fly theme for Tumblr
Welcome, this is a demo of Fly theme, Dream Themes' first Tumblr theme.

This theme's customization options are:

- Background color
- Navigation background color
- Navigation border color
- Navigation links color
- Navigation links hover color
- Title color
- Text color
- Links color
- Links hover color
- Postbox color
- Postbox border color
- Dashed post separator color

- Title font
- Body font
- Font size
- Line height

- Background image
- Sidebar image
- Infinite scroll ON/OFF

The following social icons are addable by inserting a username or link

- Email
- Skype
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Flickr
- YouTube
- Vimeo
- Last.fm
- foursquare
- Delicious

You can find all these options via the Appearance tab at 'Customize appearance'. There's no need to code.

I hope you like the theme. If you need help, ask me.

Fly by Dream Themes

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